Products and Services

All of our products are formulated by us for our own use. 
We also custom blend for other water treatment suppliers.
We stand behind all of our products.

Chemical Treatment                  Equipment / Services
'Full Service' and 'SurvellienceService' 

Boiler Water Treatment                                         Boiler / Cooling Towers
Custom Blended Formulations                                Boiler Blowdown Controllers
Non-phosphate Formulations                                 
Cooling Tower Controllers
High and Low Pressure -                                         Conductivity / Bleedoff / pH
      Oxygen Scavengers                                          Chemical Feed Pumps
      Deposit  / Scale Inhibitors                                  Chemical Feed Tanks
On-line cleaners for scale and deposits                   Glycol Feeders
                                                                                 Water Softeners
Cooling Water Treatment                                       Water Softener Resin / Filter Media   
Totally Organic Programs                                         Condensate Polishers
Molybdate Based Corrosion Inhibitors                     Water Filters
Non-Polluting Programs                                           R.O. Systems
Anti-foulants/Dispersants                                         D.I. Systems
On-Line Cleaners For Scale / Deposits                   Pot Feeders
E.P.A. Registered Microbiocides                              Filter Feeders
CHEMTREC registered formulations                       Automatic filter systems    

Complete Laboratory Support                              Consulting Services
Water Analysis                                                         NY, NJ, PA and DE Pesticide Applicator 
Corrosion Analysis                                                   Grade C License - NYS
Deposit Analysis                                                       Public Water System Operator 
Failure Analysis                                                        Public Well System Monitoring
LegionelllaTesting                                                     Seminars, Training
                                                                                  Legionella Testing and Eradication
Copper-Silver Ionization Systems                       
Customized Specifications
For Legionella Control in Potable Water