Aqua-Vize Water Solutions Inc. is a New York based chemical water treatment supplier of products, services and consultation.  We formulate our own products and provide both 'Full Service' and 'Surveillance Service"  Programs for HVAC systems.  Our products are used by our own Aqua-Vizors (Field Service Technicians) as well as by other water treatment companies for which we private label.

      David Milzoff is the President of Aqua-Vize Water Solutions Inc..  Mr. Milzoff holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and has been in the chemical water treatment industry for over 40 years.  He has experience in local, regional and national sales, sales management and technical support.  He has managed a NYS Certified Laboratory.  He has worked for both small and international water treatment companies. Mr. Milzoff holds active Commercial Pesticide Applicator licenses in both New York, New Jerse, Pennsylvania and Delaware and a Water Treatment Plant Operator Grade C License in New York. 

      Mr. Milzoff has been an active member of the American Institute of Plant Engineers, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, National Association of Power Engineers and National Association of Corrosion Engineers. 
      Aqua-Vize Water Solutions Inc. provides custom formulated products for industrial facilities as well as other water treatment suppliers.  David Milzoff is an active Consultant to other water treatment manufactures and suppliers. 

Aqua-Vize Water Solutions Inc.

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David Milzoff