Aqua-Vize Water Solutions Inc.

      Aqua-Vize Water Solutions Inc. management has over 40 years of experience in the water treatment industry including extensive background with laboratory analysis, product formulations, failure analysis and technical training.

      Aqua-Vize provides the following professional, objective services:

•   Boiler Water, Cooling Water, Potable Water Treatment
               Custom designed programs with in-house formulated chemical treatments
               Trouble shooting, surveys, custom water treatment programs
               Independent monthly water analysis
               Periodic Status Reports

•   For your existing Chemical Water Treatment Program
               Appraisal, performance analysis, refinement recommendations

•   Water Treatment Specifications
               Appraisal or upgrading of existing specifications
         Choose from stock specs or we can prepare Custom Specifications for your specific system and needs

•     Full Laboratory Services
               Water, deposit and metallurgical analysis, corrosion studies
•     Water Treatment Seminars
             Basic to advanced courses from 1 hour to 2 days, tailored to meet your specific water handling equipment and chemical program.  Topics can be customized to include:
      Boiler water, cooling water (corrosion, scaled, deposit, microbiological control), pretreatment, feed/control equipment, Legionnaire's Disease, product handling and safety, water analysis

•     Failure Analysis, Laboratory Analysis
                High and Low Pressure Steam Boilers               
                Condenser Tubes                            
                Corrosion, scale, deposits
                Associated system piping  

•     Technical Support 

             We have Pesticide Applicator Permits in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware.          

         We are Grade C Operators for Small Water Systems in New York.  We operate and support well water and public water distribution systems with up to 2500 users and provide the necessary backup and reporting to NYS and local Departments of Health.