Grade C Operators for Small Water Systems

    Aqua-Vize Water Solutions Inc. is a Westchester, NY based water treatment company with expertise in monitoring and operating 'Small Water Systems'.  We have two chemical engineers on staff.  One is a Public Health Engineer with 18 years of experience and works for a County Health Department.  The second engineer has over 30 years of experience treating water systems. 

     As part of the NYS regulations, all Public Water Supplies must have a Certified Grade C Operator overseeing the water supply and must file monthly reports to the Department of Health verifying water quality and water system operation.

     Aqua-Vize works with the local Department of Health to make your system compliant with current regulations.  We perform the necessary on-site inspections and submit the monthly reports to the Department of Health.   We also consult on corrective actions necessary to make your water system compliant and can supply the necessary sampling, testing, replacement parts (filters, NSF 60 and 61 approved liquid and tablet chlorine, UV bulbs, membranes, etc.), including installation.

      We strive to reduce the incidence of liability and fines caused by inexperience.

     Even if you have a Grade C Operator maintaining your system now, if you are in the Lower Hudson Valley, call us for competitive pricing on our services.